Why was my debit or credit card rejected?

To help protect your account, PayPal has a complicated review process for credit card payments. This helps prevent unauthorized transactions on lost or stolen credit cards. The review process rarely affects a valid credit card.

The credit card may also be rejected if the following situations occur:

  • The card issuer has a technical problem and cannot authorize the transaction.
  • The card issuer found that a certain fee was not in line with your usual consumption pattern and blocked the transaction to protect your rights.
  • You unintentionally exceeded the limit of your credit card.

If you are sure that your credit card is valid but cannot complete the payment, you can:

  • Contact your credit card issuer directly.Ask why your card was rejected and whether you can continue to use it. If you can still use the card, please try to trade again.
  • Use your bank account to pay securely online.It only takes a few minutes to link your bank account to your PayPal account. Merchants cannot see your financial information or other personal information.

Link other credit cards to your PayPal account.

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